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    The Link Between Spirituality And Addiction Recovery

    People must commit to their recovery before they can be successful. However, this does not mean that they are alone in the battle that lies ahead. Spirituality and addiction recovery are inextricably linked, a fact that many addicts find themselves grateful for once they begin to traverse the difficult path to inner restoration.

    Gaining New Strength
    One large part of making a personal commitment to recovery is recognizing that you are not strong enough to handle this problem on your own. People who convince themselves that they have everything under control are the very same individuals who are often spiraling towards their rock bottom. Once this sense of control has been relinquished, it is vital for the user to identify a greater source of strength that can be relied upon while detoxing, undergoing therapy and identifying and resolving the issues that have lead to his or her current state. This need to identify a more powerful source requires the individual to consider things that lie beyond the realm of visibility. When a person can recognize the existence of a benevolent and all-powerful creator, it becomes much easier to trust in the powers of healing and restoration.

    Confronting The Subconscious

    The emotions that lie at the heart of addiction can be extremely difficult to address. These are most commonly guilt, fear and feelings of low self worth. Discovering these hidden emotions and learning how they helped to foster addiction, is vital for success. This is a stage that requires the individual to connect with a higher power, for guidance, comfort and assistance. These are emotions that people are not often able to confront and resolve on their own. While a counselor can help point them out, the alleviation of the pain and sorrow that they cause must take place in a more intimate and spiritual setting.

    Getting Grounded

    Spirituality helps people to find their center; to identify their true source of strength and inner balance. Without a proper foundation it is impossible to maintain any successes that are attained during the recovery process. The basic tenets of a spiritual existence often prove helpful in showing people how to model their lives and what standards to aspire to. With this foundation, it becomes possible to not only recover, but to help others in their recovery as well.

    Gaining New Hope

    People often feel empty after having affected major lifestyle changes. Once their former habits are gone, they must find new things to fill themselves with. New goals, actions and activities are an essential part of creating a normal and fulfilling existence. The need for new hope is the greatest link between spirituality andĀ addiction recovery. A strong spiritual connection is the very vehicle through which a life can be infused with new ideas, new hopes and new dreams. These things are what fuel people to become stronger in their resolve to stay on path. Without them, addicts often lose sight of the very reasons that have pushed them to make positive change.

    Guest post by: Jamie Guerrero writes about faith, addiction and more. His most recent work focuses on how to findĀ online MHA programs.

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