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My name is Amanda and I run this blog about recovery from all addictions, disorders, and general self-hatred.


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  • Tips for when you feel Angry
  • Dealing with a break-up
  • How to Gain Control of Your Emotions
  • coping with the loss of a loved one
  • get motivated in the morning!
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  • how to leave the past behind
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  • talk to one about their mental health
  • happiness Tips if you Have Been Hurt
  • add a recovery ribbon to your blog.
  • placed Ads onto site. please click!
  • 10 ways to turn around a bad day
  • Beating Anxiety
  • Cope with feelings of loneliness
  • giveaway winner is smiling-serenity!
  • Ten ways to get happy
  • 5 Meaningful Ways to Help Others
  • 10 Powerful Benefits of Change
  • finished with Recovery Chatrooms!!
  • Traits of a Confident Person
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